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3) Location

Location, or where you are going to place the piano also has a great importance
Even if you followed all the most important protective measures and are sure to have a stable temperature and humidity level, there are places in the room or house where does not matter what you do they will change.

Not only it is important how the piano looks in certain space also try to avoid the following places:

1.- Near a window, specially if that window allows the sun to strike your piano anytime during the day or during the year. Direct sunlight will create heat inside your piano even if the temperature is stable in the room.

2.- Anywhere were currents of air could strike the piano, like near A/C vents or between open doors.

3.- Near any wall or surface that could be wet

4.- Near an open kitchen specially if it is permanently in use and could be exposed to cooking vapor or kitchen grease.

5.- Near any appliance that could create excessive heat or cold ( furnaces, chimney, air vents, external doors that open and close constantly).


In the next sections you'll find out that there are three components of musical performance that need to be adjusted periodically: pitch, tone, and touch:

For the pitch to be perfect, each string must be adjusted at the proper tension to get from them the correct sounding, musical intervals. For the tone to be right, a voicing procedure must be applied on the hammers and for the touch to be fit for the pianist the action must be regulated.

"An out-of-tune piano or an unresponsive touch can discourage even novice musicians. Regular maintenance also can prevent expensive repair in the future” (


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