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Welcome to the Degen’s Piano, Inc. Piano Care Webpage!
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In this section we will give you some brief suggestions about the caring and maintenance of your piano. The information contained within is taken from various experts, manufacturers, technicians and pianists, and is intended as a guide for you to keep your instrument in its top condition, hence prolonging the life of your piano, keeping (and even improving) its sound.

Also, is good to remind you that, while every piano factory gives its costumers a warranty against manufacturing defects, it is most certain that this warranty will void if the factory can determine that the piano was not taken care properly, was abused or neglected.

Bear in mind that though most of the information contained within this section is useful for both new and older pianos, there might be some particular cases in which some of them might not apply, which is why you should always remember to check with your technician about any doubts you may have.

First of all, it doesn’t matter if your piano is a new piano or the 1890 family piano: it will always be made mainly of wood and metal, with some parts of felt and leather. All of those materials are sensitive to humidity and temperature changes, which may harm your piano if they are not properly taken care of.

When you buy your new piano, the store normally offers you a “warranty tuning” which is meant to make your piano sound well as soon as it arrives to your home. At this point, the piano technician is not only coming to tune your piano: He will also take a look at the location of the instrument to make sure it has been placed right. He will also evaluate the environment and temperature.

From then on, it is your responsibility (and not of the manufacturers or the store that sold you the piano) to keep it in the best conditions by following its manufacturer suggestions and your piano technician expertise.

We will address here some of the most important things to keep in mind when caring for your piano, such as:

  1) Humidity
2) Temperature
3) Location
4) Tunings
5) Regulation and Voicing
6) Wood Finish

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