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Founding member of the Venezuelan Piano Tuner Association and RMPT(Registered Master Piano Technician )
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Alfred Degen was born in Bucarest, Romania, on 1909, the yongest child of a family of musicians and piano Tuners and rebuilders.

His father was a piano teacher and rebuilder who owned of a music store located in one of the most important streets of Bucarest; his mother was a performer and composer. With both of them, Alfred lerned since his early years the art of keeping a piano at its best.

Alfred Degen, Piano Tuner and rebuilder

Growing up he studied and graduated from law school, but even then he kept on envolved in the family business, and in 1935, Alfred took over the store, keeping in top notch all of its instruments.

With the World War aproaching, he and his family felt threaned by the growing anti-semitism, wich led them to move towards what would later become Israel where their only son, Elian, was born in 1952.

In 1958, Alfred took his family across the ocean to a then unknown country in south america called Venezuela. There he established his busines and thought his trade to his son, both becoming two of the best piano tuners and technicians of the country.







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